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My name is John Fletcher and I am married with two daughters. I am a retired Headteacher. My interests include family history, Italian cooking, gardening, eating good food, drinking good wine and being with my family.

My name is Mark Fletcher. I am aged 45, a retired insurance clerk. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 10 years ago. My interests include family history, photography and rugby.

Pete Phillips, The winner of the 2016 Fletcher Family quiz, receiving the Trophy from Sue Gibbons. Sue works for Cory Brothers company who sponsor our Fletcher Family Gatherings.

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For over two hundred years our Fletcher ancestors and many of their families have resided in Cardiff and the valley towns of South Wales. Their occupations have included canal worker, farmer and coal miner. Mark, my nephew, and I have worked together over many years to search for our common ancestors. We can trace our paternal ancestors  back to 1795 when Phillip Fletcher was baptised in St. Fagan’s near Cardiff. His family descendants have spread far and wide across the world. We hope we can reach some of them through this website and form more links to our past.

What’s a Fletcher? Does it have a meaning?

The Meaning of the name FLETCHER

The name has generally been accepted  to mean a maker and seller of arrows. Initially, however, the name is from  the  old French word 'flecher' (or feathers). A flechier was one who shaped and fitted the flights to the shafts, which in turn had been made by the arrowsmith. Gradually  the two separate trades merged and became one and the same.

Fletcher is an occupational surname  (like Smith or Carpenter) referring to someone who made arrows. The name, like  Smith or Carpenter, was undoubtedly adopted by any number of genealogically  unrelated families of arrowmakers in different locations, so merely bearing  the same name does not indicate common ancestry unless, in any given case, there  is genealogical evidence to establish an actual connection. Similarly, there  is no one " coat of arms” for the Fletchers since arms don't belong  to a whole surname, only to individuals and their families (descendants).

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The Fletcher Family Gathering visited the Barry War Museum in July 2016. We know of several Fletcher men who fought during WW1 and WW2.

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The dates for the Fletcher Family Gathering in 2017 are from 16th August to the morning of Saturday 19th August 2017.

Heather, Keith and Sue, the winning skittles team, receive their prize.

A Fletcher Family group on their visit to St. Fagans Museum, Cardiff July 2016.

The Welsh are such good singers because they have no locks on their bathroom doors.