Keyboard Shortcuts  



To magnify a page press Ctrl and +. To zoom back out press Ctrl and -.

To compare two pages, open a new window. Press Ctrl and N.



To search for a word or phrase on a webpage, press Ctrl and F.



Speedy Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts to help you  browse the website faster and easier.

These shortcuts work with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and also Firefox 3.

Using these shortcuts, you can access the option you want more quickly than with your mouse button.

Not only will they save you time but, by helping you to reduce the number of mouse clicks, it decreases your chance of developing strain injury on your hand.


To display current page full-screen press F11. Press again to return to normal view.

To return to the page you were viewing previously, press Backspace.



To bookmark any page, press Ctrl and D.

Accessibility to this website

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